[Owasp-board] Open Topics & Archives for future boards

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Wed May 7 04:35:05 UTC 2014


In my opinion, the number of open board topics is growing and items are
getting neglected and handled at a slower pace than optimal. Let me state
that I don't believe this is from a lack of interest or diligence by the
board. Instead I think these reasons are the cause:

1. No central catalog of open issues
2. Reliance on discussion through email leads to threads getting buried in
people's in boxes
3. No central document repository

I suggest that we create a catalog of all activity items by the board. This
can live in a google doc that we link to every board meeting.

Here is an initial page as an example.

I think this will be beneficial since we can keep things very clear about
what topics are open and need attention. This will also be a running log of
topics discussed with links to artifacts/documents/discussion.

This is an investment in "bookkeeping" but I think it's worth it.


Michael Coates
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