[Owasp-board] Google Summer of Code - quick update

Fabio Cerullo fcerullo at owasp.org
Fri Mar 21 23:42:15 UTC 2014

Hi there,

Some great news to wrap up the week.

We got 88 proposals from students around the world willing to participate
in OWASP projects through Google Summer of Code making it the year with
more submissions since we started our participation in this program.

Thanks to all staff who put a lot of effort to get the message out,
especially during the busy period of Appsec APAC.

Next step is to get more OWASP mentors to help these students. As a rule of
thumb, Google assigns 1 slot for every 2 mentors.

Last year we obtained 11 slots for students based on 22 OWASP mentors. And
at present we have 20 mentors signed up.

Sam, could you please send a message to the projects list asking for


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