[Owasp-board] Update on European Entity Bylaws and Banking paperwork

Eoin Keary eoin.keary at owasp.org
Thu Mar 20 15:56:10 UTC 2014

Sign in person or will a scan do?

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On 20 Mar 2014, at 14:55, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi Sarah,
> I have created meeting minutes of the general meeting of the directors we had on 22-Nov-2013 (in New York), which we need as official supporting document for the publication of the changes in board of directors / daily management.  I have attached these in Dutch and English.
> I am preparing the paperwork for publication in the Belgian Gazette (attached in Dutch).
> Changes will be effective 1-Apr-2014, no joke :-)
> Cost of publication will be 121.97 EUR (including VAT).
> I need to make sure to have the signed paperwork delivered within one month, so this gives us time to make sure we have everything. Eoin and myself need to sign - together we have the required majority.
> I will send a direct email to the people concerned to have the required details to complete the documents & copies of identity cards.
> I will also prepare the bank account access request for you, based on your earlier attempt last year.
> This time it should work, as you are now identified in a bank branch in Belgium.
> Do we have an account with a shipping company (e.g. DHL) which I can use to send the paperwork around?
> kind regards,
> Seba
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Sarah Baso <sarah.baso at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Hi Seba -
>> Can you give us (me and the board) and update on where we are at with updating the paperwork for the European Entity as well as the banking paperwork?  
>> For the European Entity, Tom has been asking to be removed for quite some time and this needs to be wrapped up by the end of the quarter (2 weeks from now) - Jim and Tobias have said they are ok with being added. I should also be added to the paperwork so that I have legal authority in belgium to sign on behalf of the European org.
>> For the banking paperwork, the bank should have what they need from me, they just need the authorization signature from you and Eoin, correct?
>> Thanks in advance for the update.
>> Sarah Baso
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> <20131123 minutes meeting - English.docx>
> <20131123 notulen vergadering - Nederlands.docx>
> <20140320 aanvraagformulier1vzw.doc>
> <20140320 aanvraagformulier2vzw.doc>
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