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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Mar 12 23:04:44 UTC 2014

Wiki Editors,

I had a long talk with one of the WikiMedia employees who suggested much of
the following regarding the clean up of wiki.

There are two major categories to consider. (1) Reorganizing Existing
Content (2) Setting up a crew of editors to review wiki edits. The
following are just ideas and suggestions for the future, nothing has been
set in stone.

*Reorganization of Existing Content*

1)      One of the main goals for content cleanup is content consolidation
when duplicate content exists. Our best path here is to merge content into
page that has the best initial Google page ranking to ensure maximum

2)      When removing old content be sure to add a proper wiki redirect!

3)      We may also want to consider additional content labeling of all
wiki pages

a.       A lot of this is done already.

b.      We may want to verify the labeling of all content, this ties into
the editorial crew.

c.       We may want to request that someone builds a feature to "list all
unlabeled content" to help with this process

*Editorial Staff*

If we have enough volunteers to support it, we may want a volunteer crew of
wiki editors to verify that wiki work folks are doing is technically
accurate, unique and uses proper grammar. There are many ways to go about
this. Here are some comments on approaching this new process.

1)      We do not want to limit anyone from editing most of the wiki, we
just want an editorial crew to review all edits and flag content if

2)      Foundation employees should get Auto-Approval for Administrative
Wiki Edits and in general "informative wiki posts" about events and other
administration do not need editorial approval in any way.

3)      Need to establish respectful cultural norms when editors make notes
on content.

4)      Need to somehow police editor staff to make sure no one is abusing
power (ie: editors cannot approve their own stuff, complaints can be posted
to the editorial list for all editors to discuss)

5)      We may want to allow anonymous editing to make the barrier for
entry easier. Editors would need to approve of all anonymous editing.

6)      We can use tools like
similar to review content that has been recently edited.

7)      A tool to show articles that have not been flagged by an editor
would be a useful tool to build.

8)      Certain pages like homepage can be fully locked

9)      Certain documents can be frozen in time like the OWASP Top Ten

10)    We can note a page only allows minor edits and make editorial group
aware of the article so they can let minor changes to go through

11)   Super important pages can be monitored to send email when changed.


1)      More work to protect certain pages and make em un-editable or
required editorial review

2)      Or editorial group needs to be swift in rejecting/accepting content

3)      Middle ground:  "lock" a minimum number of articles.

I hope this triggers more conversation on this matter.


Jim Manico
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