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johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Mon Jun 30 07:58:07 UTC 2014

Hi Jim

Main questions to you is : can we afford this?
For Amsterdam, how much budget can be allocated?

Again, I think that the last summits have very low attendance and I believe
if we do them, they should serve to empower projects.

I would like to organize a summit during appsec EU 2015 Amsterdam with
these main tracks
-OWASP tools/documentation Open Showcase: Allow project leaders to promote
their projects during the conference(similar to Blackhat Arsenal tools)
-Security Arena workshops:Moderated Sessions where we discuss with industry
experts about how to improve security , threats and vulnerabilities not
properly cover by the industry. Here we want to invite people from
Microsoft, Mozilla, Apache etc. and create specific sessions with them
(similar to Google summits)

I believe that the summit has to be an incubator of exchange, research and
exposure to allow us profile as an organization that helps improve security.



On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 3:34 AM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:

>  This seems quite reasonable and well thought out and I'd like to support
> it.
> What more info do we need to support this as a board, and in general can
> we afford this?
> Aloha,
> Jim
> On 6/27/14, 4:13 AM, johanna curiel curiel wrote:
>  What do you propose?
>    - First of all, we want to be able to properly promote the summit
>    among project leaders/industry experts to contribute and participate
>    together
>     - Create clear proposals per project assisting to the summit
>     - Meet with industry resources at Denver to contribute and solve very
>    specific issues and have a clear output plan results for each project
>    participating
>  Have you consulted with Laura?
> yes, she mentioned that rooms for the summit has been allocated
> (space/rooms) this is done in advance and actually the summit is been
> promoted on the appsec us website.
>  She could confirm this information.
>  The board can rubber stamp it after Laura has worked with you if it was
> not already budgeted and associated with AppSec event.
>  Do I have to fulfill specific requirements regarding organizing the
> project summit? if this is the case, please send me which are and I can set
> a plan with Laura and submit it to the board.
>  I don't believe and amount has been agreed. Do you have an idea of costs?
>  Actually I want to encourage everyone to pay his own accommodation and
> costs, with exception to those volunteers that will be there to organize
> the summit.
> In past conferences, members assisting to the summit received a free pass
> to the conference as a reward for their volunteer efforts (thus work).
>  I have been busy during the summit that I didn't have anytime to assist
> to the conference, and actually if I organize the summit I will not be
> assisting to the conference
>  So you let me know how much can be made available and I see how many
> volunteers I can set to work.
>  This is my basic plan that can be worked out in detail.
>  The main purpose of this summit is to work on improving the tools with
> industry participation of experts of other foundations/organizations that
> are interested and have shown interest in these OWASP project and tools
> such as
> (as example of ongoing activities)
>    - Python Framework project(Enrico Branca) with Mozilla (Python
>    developers will be invited by Simon Bennetts) and GE developers that have
>    contacted Enrico regarding his project
>     - Code review (Larry/Gary) , invite some industry experts/developers
>    from Microsoft,Oracle(java),Python and anyone wanted to join
>     - PCI toolkit(Johanna) invite PCI experts and provide
>    feedback/contribution
>     - Creating continuous build security  and QA review process (Jason
>    Johnson/Johanna)
>    - Mind Mapping of OWASP tools(Enrico/Johanna)
>    - Record summit sessions(Jonathan Marcil)
>    - Other projects==> Must be invited , they must provide a clear plan
>    just as we will do (Code Review,Python Framework, PCI) with participation
>    of industry experts for feedback
>    - Promote industry participation to the summit using a campaign
>    through linked-in and Google Ad sense
>  Identified costs for summit
>    - USD 1000,- to promote the summit through Google adsense and Linkedin
>     - 2 Printers(color) to print materials ==> Sponsored by HP?
>     - Food for 5 volunteers working at the summit===> 5 x USD 50/day
>    allowance ==> USD 250,-
>     - Travel costs and accommodation for Project summit organizer(me) ==>
>    +/- USD 1300,-
>     - Travel accommodations for volunteers to work in the summit (4)==>
>    USD 5000,-
>    - Promotion materials such as banners, booklets, give away cards
>    ==>USD 500,
>    - *Total==> USD 8050,= Round up to USD 9000,=*
>  regards
>  Johanna
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Eoin Keary <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:
>> I don't believe and amount has been agreed. Do you have an idea of costs?
>> Eoin Keary
>> Owasp Global Board
>> +353 87 977 2988
>> On 26 Jun 2014, at 20:15, johanna curiel curiel <johanna.curiel at owasp.org>
>> wrote:
>> > Dear Board members
>> >
>> > I have a question regarding the organization of the Project summit at
>> Denver.
>> >
>> > As mentioned to some of the board members I volunteered to organize the
>> Project Denver summit  I want to submit a clear plan and proposal regarding
>> this.
>> >
>> > Regarding the budget, has it been allocated and how much do we count on?
>> >
>> > Regards
>> >
>> > Johanna
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