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First, I have not abandoned my role as Compliance/Whistle-blower Officer.

Unfortunately, I have been swamped with work this week. Doing my best to keep up with all going, we all had and will have times we are less responsive. That is the difference between volunteer-basis or full-time employment. Guess, you all understand.

I have not been completely silence, wonder why I some ask if I would bee still available for the job I agreed to?

Anyhow, I have reached out to Christian directly, to have a conversation about his actions. Previously I did so via emai, this time to talk.
To be frank, the earlier case, I have to say I could see Christian's  point. He has not been treated according to the rules and (in the beginning of the case) you could blame him for being of very unfortunate incapability making his point.
Since than, Christian has moved from 'being unfortunate incapable', to willingly root, insulting, etc.!

Nevertheless, in my opinion I need to hear his side in the most neutral environment I can offer.

Until than, I advise the board to define a public statement previous to any action with christian:
- Define action and measures to ban Christian
- announce the actions to be taken upon in a public statement
- execute actions.

-- tom rightfully brought up the point, not yet has Christian taken any other way than to mailing list to harm OWASP.
-- prior to any actions taken, legal counsel should be consolidated to see legal possibilities to prevent Christian continuing on the email list and/or chose another platform to do so!


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