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I agree, formal publishing process for me only started after my first
manuscript submission and it worked. Can I have a publishing service brief
the board with more details? This is a strategic idea but could go a LONG
way towards increasing the quality of our main publications.

Jim Manico
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On Jun 18, 2014, at 12:43 AM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org> wrote:

 Hi Jim,

I welcome and support this idea.
But I would mostly see the outsourcing to be done in the final stages of
the process (copyediting/proofreading, composition (to pages)) in which
technical security expertise is less relevant.

Aloha, Tobias

On 12/06/14 18:36, Jim Manico wrote:


My vision to augment our document projects is to procure the services of a
professional editorial service to manage our doc writing processes. Here is
a note from my editor, just to give you an idea of the services they
provide. Certainly, there are many others we can choose from. But I think
we could outsource "basic development editing, project
management/scheduling, copyediting/proofreading, composition (to pages)".
This way the management, editing and scheduling of building one of our
large doc projects is outsources to a neutral third party with this
expertise, and the foundation volunteers can focus on what we do best :

I think this would go a long way in improving the maturity of our
documentation projects.



Hi Jim –

We do a number of things through custom publications for some different
companies (including IBM and others). Those are typically relationships
where the company needs something published, we provide services from
soup-to-nuts to just editing to just printing, and we work out some fee. A
few questions, and I’ll strike up a convo with our folks to see what they

·         Are these guides that are online or print (or both)?

·         How often are you revising?

·         What pieces would you want: basic development editing, project
management/scheduling, copyediting/proofreading, composition (to pages),

Let me know your thoughts and we’ll see what we can figure out!


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