[Owasp-board] SWAP Business integration plan follow up

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Wed Jun 11 13:02:58 UTC 2014

Hi Board

I was taking a look of the business plan as described here:

Too bad no one involved me earlier but this is exactly what I'm doing right
now and DHS-SWAMP is willing to pay for that work, so why do we want to
give it for free now? And is costing us money and time too to get the
projects to work into their servers

I'm taking the projects that can be deployed into SWAMP for verification
and testing to be deployed into there servers, please read  my Proposal
here once again


The difference with the business plan is that we shoudl do this with an
initial pilot project as phase one, low risk. If it works then we move
forward to a more challenging phase instead of getting at once with high

In this first phase SWAMP/DHS can make available servers with full access
so I don't need to go and build Virtual Servers which is what I'm doing
right now and it costs us money. If DHS can sponsor the environment we have
a big win here already.And that is less than USD10,000-

They provide the infrastructure and I provide the work. This can be an
initial pilot project with the SWAP-DHS with low risk. IF the foundation
want to charge for my work during this phase, I can donate my hours so they
get charge to DHS.

The only thing I will request from you here is to meet personally with DHS
, OWASP pays for my travel expenses and accommodation and allow me to plan
this with them personally accompanied by a member of the Board.Even all
this can be charge to DHS.

If this first pilot project evolves well, then I will recommend to continue
with the original plan and I can help to set a team with a commercial
purpose, however to avoid risk everything should be plan with phases and
clear deliverables per phase.

Let me know your thoughts


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