[Owasp-board] Project funding

Eoin Keary eoin.keary at owasp.org
Sun Jun 8 19:06:52 UTC 2014

Hi, just an update on the old reboot project.

Total reboot funds allocated to projects - $34,997.97. 
Total Remaining Reboot funds - $15,729.79 
Amount of Reboot funds spent $19,268.18  
 some projects have more funding due to receiving membership funds and other funds to build up their balances.

Leaders of the projects above please let me know of the figures above are accurate?

Johanna, for projects nearing completion there may be some funding in some cases we can use for other project support.

The figures above do not include DHS funds for the guides. ($25k across 3 guides). The code review funds are lower due to Larrys generosity in helping out the CISO guide.

Eoin Keary
Owasp Global Board
+353 87 977 2988

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