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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Jun 4 17:48:57 UTC 2014


Someone from the testing guide and OWASP Top Ten wanted to know how
•documentation projects• could reapply for flagship status. The current
project eval reboot is for tools and libraries, documentation projects are
out of scope right now.

Any thoughts here?

Jim Manico
(808) 652-3805

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Hi Leaders

In the process of reviewing projects at Quality assurance level for Tools
and Code projects, I want to make sure we do not exclude those projects
that right now are officially LABS and consider themselves ready for a
review process to become Flagship.

Keep reading if you want your project to be a flagship candidate.

The process will have these important components:

   - Code Analysis (SWAMP) (if written in Java, C++ or C): I would need
   your permission to load the project into SWAMP
   - Functional testing:Deploy the tool/Code in Virtual servers with a full
   configured test environment. Project leaders will have access to these
   - Access to JIRA to review test cases
   - Analysis and use of Unit tests - Code coverage

Make sure you understand what are the minimum qualifications to become
See attached document Project Health Criteria. We are using Ohloh as a
measuring mechanism on activity and hopefully Enrico's tool will help us
with that part too.

Please contact the OWASP Project task force to add you to this list

A preliminary analysis will be done to verify the actual Project Health
Criteria and continue with the process of evaluation for flagship


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