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I'm with you Tobias. I think a few *good* uses for board-level travel funds are (1) paying for trainers who are delivering free training (self serving, I admit, but I'd like others to do it as well), (2) conference organizers like the work Tom did for AppSec USA, (3) paying for board travel for our annual on-site meeting and similar value-add travel. I'd like to avoid paying a lot to send a board member to give a brief intro talk.

The counter point to this argument is also valid. Sending a board member to a conference, even if just for a brief intro talk, adds a lot of board-level socializing that is incredibly valuable but often hard to quantify. For example, I used to complain in the past when we sent Tom to a conference when he was only giving one intro 30 minute talk. But after the talk, Tom would socialize with different OWASP teams and then follow up. This is not always tangible, but it's a huge value for new chapters and regions to socialize and ask questions of the board.

Anyhow, here are both sides of the story, both of which I feel are valid.


> Hi Sarah, Eoin and board,
> small question: are we indeed paying for two board members to fly to Japan?
> I thought it was only me because I am in the neighbourhood (HK-Japan is
> a very cheap flight).
> In general, I think at least one board member per AppSec makes sense, to
> give the community direct access and also to show global support.
> Proposal:
> It would be a good thing to take a look at the list of board travel
> expenses of last year and event travel plans for board members for the
> coming year. As a team we should coordinate our board related
> activities. It also adds to transparency and prioritisation.
> Thanks, Tobias
> Ps.: on a more provocative side note: we could think about whether we
> even want to fund board travel to AppSecs at all. Would this really keep
> anyone of us from going to an AppSec? I think this is more a time than a
> money issue. Before joining the board we funded our own travel to
> AppSecs and there are many great reasons to come to AppSecs, so I would
> assume all or most of us will be there anyway.
> On 07/12/13 09:56, Eoin Keary wrote:
>> Sarah/Board,
>> I still question the decisions of the foundation re allocation of funds...May I ask which is a better usage of our funds?
>> Sending 2 board members to Japan to  represent the board, shake hands, kids baby's etc etc
>> Or
>> Funding 2 trainers travel expenses to deliver training to a couple of hundred devs for free at RSA using their donated training course?
>> Thanks,
>> Eoin.
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