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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Mon Jan 6 16:46:41 UTC 2014


Welcome to 2014. An official welcome to the new board members, many thanks
to those that have served for many years and also to those that are now
ending their board roles.

A few things to point out as you get back into your routine for the new year

*Signatures Needed *- For 2014 all board members are required to complete
conflict of interest, social media policy and board member on-boarding.
These documents need to be completed before you are eligible to cast any
official votes as a board member. Please search your owasp email for
"docusign" and complete all documents (it is an electronic signature). Make
sure to sign and click the button to finalize. You'll get an email
confirmation when completed.

*2014 Strategic Goals *-. I'd like to vote to finalize by this Friday
(1/10). If you have feedback please include a specific suggested
alternative with all info so we can keep driving towards completion. Please
see other board thread on topic to continue the discussion.

*2014 Board Meeting Schedule *- We discussed over email during December.
I'll send an email in the next day or two with some options. It sounds like
there is desire to explore a mixed approach of 6 hr meetings coinciding
with AppSec events and 2 x 3 hr meetings for quarters without AppSec
events. We can finalize in the next thread and vote to change bylaws if

*OWASP & RSA *- Great discussion thread over the weekend. Please make sure
to read it in entirety. This is an item where many in the OWASP community
have voiced their opinions on the issue (both for and against). Tobias has
also nicely summarized the various options. We will need to move towards a
decision on this issue.


Michael Coates
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