[Owasp-board] Board meeting recordings missing?

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Mon Feb 10 23:43:55 UTC 2014

Hello Sarah,

I noticed, that the recordings for the last two board meetings (Nov-22
and Dec-9) have not been uploaded to the Wiki meeting pages, yet.
Have there been any technical problems with that?
What is the planned timing for that?

And we have no meeting page at all for the Board budget meeting on
Dec-2. (it is ok, that we have no text minutes for that, as long as we
state the reason why, which in this case was that the whole meeting was
purely to explain the budget and clarify).

Thanks, Tobias

Secretary of the Board
OWASP Global Board

Ps.: apologies, sent the previous email a minute ago from the wrong

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