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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Wed Feb 5 19:14:54 UTC 2014


I'd like to bring up a topic for thought. As board members we individually
have very little power. Hence the entire process of a vote for decisions
and the rule of majority.

In addition, we also each wear a variety of hats - our professional "day
job" our "owasp hat", our own ideas separate from each, etc.

I mention these items for the following scenarios:
1. We need to be careful about acting as individuals and issuing statements
on behalf of OWASP. I believe an official channel for OWASP statements is
much more clear for the community and the world rather then individual
statements by board members on blogs, twitter, interviews, etc.

2. Currently our owasp blog serves a variety of purposes. Whether or not we
intend, any post made here will also be interpreted as an official
statement by OWASP. Food for thought - there are multiple people that can
post to this blog. If we hastily issue a post here it could be picked up as
an official statement by OWASP before we have a chance to fully flush out
the wording or message.

3. Our mailing lists are all publicly archived. This is great and by
design. Keep in mind that your statements will be referenced within
stories, future discussions, etc. We should do our best to keep on topic
within subject threads, change subject lines when conversation drifts, and
be cognizant that emails sent in haste will live on forever.

I'm interested in others thoughts on this. Building clear official channels
for OWASP statements will make our messages more powerful and easier for
others to spread.

Michael Coates
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