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Fabio Cerullo fcerullo at owasp.org
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These are the poll results... Although the numbers are not significant, we
could use this data when drafting this policy.

We will need a global board vote to make this policy effective... maybe
include this as part of the next board meeting?


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hi there,

Here are the poll final results:

How do you feel about commercial advertising on OWASP mailing lists &
social media channels?

1) Absolutely under no circumstances should commercial advertising be
allowed on the OWASP mailing lists & social media for any reason by
chapter/project leaders or third parties. Any sort of commercial
advertising has to be managed only by OWASP staff.

*Votes**: 20*

2) Commercial advertising on the OWASP mailing lists & social media should
be allowed as long as the communication has been vetted by chapter
leadership in advance for value and appropriateness.

*Votes**: 24*

3) Commercial advertisements should be allowed on OWASP mailing lists &
social media in order to ensure that all vendors have an equal opportunity
to promote their products and services.

*Votes: 4*

We will consider this feedback when drafting the aforementioned OWASP

Thanks for your participation.

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