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Thanks dave,
So the data is not available, if i Understand you correctly? I'm sure it could be anonymised? I doubt contributors send you data with client information within? The top 10 is an popular project and understanding the data and model behind  project is important for the community.

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On 11 Apr 2014, at 02:29, "Dave Wichers" <dave.wichers at owasp.org> wrote:

> Rather than the Top 10 project directly publishing the raw (and frequently
> not very pretty or necessarily well organized) data that each provider sent
> to the project privately, we asked each data provider to publish their data
> publically and then we linked to what they published in the OWASP Top 10
> itself in the attribution box on the Introduction page. This approach was
> taken to avoid the project publishing data that we didn't have explicit
> permission to redistribute (since we didn't ask for this permission when we
> made the original data call), and it also gave the data providers the
> opportunity to make their results look more presentable if they wished to do
> so before making their data public.
> The wiki page version of the Introduction page is here:
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Top_10_2013-Introduction which links to all
> the published data. Every organization that provided data to the OWASP Top
> 10 for 2013 published made their data public.
> -Dave
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> Hi,
> Can you let me know where all the data and materials are for the owasp top
> 10 2013?
> I'd like to see the metrics which resulted in the top 10 opened up to the
> public.
> Doing this we can develop trend analysis, metrics and chart progress. 
> Can this be done?
> Regards,
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