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Forwarding see Jeff got a bounce back on his original email.

Michael Coates

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 Hi Michael,

Hmm... I see your point.  You're welcome to kill the message if you like.

There wasn't a lot of thought behind this.   I guess I think of Sonatype,
the Central Repository, and Maven as critical parts of the open source
ecosystem, and I think their survey is a very useful endeavor.

As always, I encourage OWASP to find ways to engage with commercial vendors
- I see no way to accomplish our mission without them.   Wouldn't it be
cool if OWASP could use Sonatype to reach all the developers in the world?

Please forgive the interruption...


*From:* Michael Coates [mailto:michael.coates at owasp.org]
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  Your recent post to the owasp linkedin group seems to be a lead
generation survey for Sonatype. While these have their place throughout
industry, it's not something we promote through owasp channels. We've run
into similar scenarios in the past with other groups that want to be
promoted through owasp and want to have their information behind a
subscription or email submission wall.

You of course are very close to OWASP so I wanted to reach out and ask
about your thoughts on this before taking any actions on that message.




Michael Coates
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