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If the foundation wants to do a certification program, here are my rough 
notes on the topic:

*Managing Questions**
*1) We need a question bank working group of experts, possible paid, to 
create and maintain certification questions.
2) These questions need to be kept in secret
3) None of the question bank workers can apply for the certification. 
Being a question writer should be honored, but they cannot get the cert 

*Which Certs**
*1) I say we start small with one assessment centric cert since this is 
primarily a pentester organization

*How to deliver the test**
*1) We can use a formal testing center like 
http://www.sylvanlearning.com/ who takes a cut from the cert to deliver it.

*2) We probably need a FTE to manage this process.

*Bonus Points**
*1) Bonus points: it would be nice to find a PhD in Education or similar 
who can help us do this with academic integrity.
2) Bonus points: get the cert ANSI certified for even broader acceptance 
in some govt and large company communities.

Just a start,

> Board,
> Where are we at with our investigation into certifications and 
> community engagement? I realize we're just pulling together 
> information on the topic at the moment but I was curious on the status.
> Jim - did you have the lead here? Can you provide an update?
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/March_3,_2014#New_Business
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