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Tue Sep 3 12:40:54 UTC 2013

Interesting thoughts from Apache regarding per-project sponsorship and why they are against it. Just food for thought.

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Really, you have to have something that your sponsors want. And you need
to be prepared to say no.

The simplest justification you can give for not accepting project
specific donations is accounting and logistics. State that you are a
volunteer organisation (which I assume you are?) and that receiving
targeted donations requires a substantial level of financial tracking -
a level of tracking that would detract from your ability to meet the
general goals of your organisation. You will happily receive a general
donation, and may be prepared to fund something for a specific project,
but you won't connect them financially.

There was once a charity in the UK that fundraised for a monument for
someone. They needed £20k. They raised £40k, in collecting tins. They
asked the UK Charity Commission what they could do with the extra £20k.
Because they hadn't said at the bottom of their literature that the
charity reserves the right to use donations for other purposes that are
in line with the charity's aims, the Charity Commission said that they
needed to *give the money back*.

Simply don't go into that space. It isn't worth it.

ASF VP Fundraising

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