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Agreed - this is an operational must.  Kate and I already have it on our
tasks for this quarter to draft an annual report to which we can plug in
Year end numbers in January.

As for local chapters - great idea!


On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 9:31 AM, Tom Brennan <tomb at proactiverisk.com> wrote:

> I recently presented at a ISACA event in Canada and was talking with the
> local chapter leaders.  What they do (attached) is provide a professional
> summary to their membership of each local chapter annually.   Iwas also
> told that there is a annual report from ISACA "mothership" that follows the
> same format.
> We can likely learn from our association peer that shares a similar
> mission; especially with 280k in funds set-aside that have become a point
> of contention for some and a operating budget for others.
> If the foundation issues its 2013 end of year report in December) and then
> requests that local chapters issue a localized version and provides a copy
> to the OWASP chapter coordinator this would satisfy and re-affirm
> acceptance of the then current chapter bylaws and provide transparency to
> the local chapter membership fostering the same strategic and tactical
> goals.
> Action Requested:
> -Review the attached
> -Add to next board agenda as formal discussion topic and preliminary vote
> to implement a similar report.
> - At the  AppSecUSA Chapter Workshop raise the issue and example and
> socialize for vote by those in attendance if transparency at the local
> chapter and globally would be better for OWASP Foundation.
> http://appsecusa.org/2013/activities/project-leader-workshop/
> Discussion/comments welcomed.

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