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Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Thu Oct 10 19:49:40 UTC 2013

Sorry, I realize that AppSecUSA is not next week.  That was the original
date that I never deleted from my calendar.


On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 2:42 PM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:

> Dennis,
> I understand what you're saying, but I respectfully disagree.  39% of the
> total Austin Chapter budget vs 9% of this other budget seem like completely
> different ballparks to me.  Also, maybe I'm misunderstanding the budget,
> but this is $58k yet to be allocated to a chapter (it is based on expected
> profit for an event that has not happened yet) and is more funds than I've
> ever seen any chapter ever use, even NY/NJ.  If this were Eoin's suggestion
> to take it from funds that are already earmarked for the chapters then you
> better believe I'd be screaming about it (sorry Eoin), but here are funds
> that potentially could be allocated because they have not yet been "ring
> fenced".  And fortunately, because of the funding source, none of these
> funds should have donator requirements placed on them (it's conference
> profits).
> Now, seeing as the current budget reflects a ~$141k profit and the event
> is next week, maybe those numbers are off since the "Conservative" estimate
> for profit was over $405k.  I dunno, but $58k going to one chapter for a
> Foundation event seems like a lot to me, hence why I called it out.  It was
> bad enough when Austin had $17k in the bank even though we were routinely
> spending it.  I can't wait to hear the cries for raiding the chapter cookie
> jar when NY/NJ has $58k to pilfer.
> ~josh
> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 1:57 PM, Dennis Groves <dennis.groves at owasp.org>wrote:
>> Hey Josh,
>> Austin has $13k, we should take it from there - they won't miss it!
>> I hope you can suddenly see a hundred issues with such a suggestion. :-)
>> The money is ear-marked for other purposes. We can not just go around
>> robbing Peter to pay Paul, further doing so only kicks the can down the
>> road, when the now earmarked money doesn't exist!
>> Additionally, OWASP as a charity has a legal requirement to spend the
>> funds according to the donators requirements. So if the donators gave to
>> the 'local chapter' we legally can not just use that money where we *need
>> * it like to "OWASP on the move."
>> That said, I am confident a solution will be found shortly.
>> On 10 Oct 2013, at 11:20, Josh Sokol wrote:
>> Am I the only one who does a double take when I see over $58,000 allocated
>> to the "Local Chapter" for running the AppSec events? Holy cow! Take $5k
>> from there. They won't miss it!
>> ~josh
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