[Owasp-board] Project Branding Options

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue Oct 8 17:52:23 UTC 2013


The project branding options are ready within on the OWASP wiki. I'm going
to send a note to our leaders list shortly to begin conversation on this

As we've discussed in our last board meeting our goal is to create a public
discussion on the topic, gather additional positive and negatives for each
option and possibly even a new option all together.

We'll then have the members vote during the annual elections on which
option they support for OWASP. There is not a clear right or wrong decision
here, they each offer differ approaches and it's important for all
OWASP'ers to determine what we want OWASP to be in this area.


Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc
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