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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Wed Nov 13 10:58:09 UTC 2013

Hello Sarah,

With all due respect, I genuinely wish such a thing were possible. As I 
have stated before, Eoin has many great qualities about him. I 
personally supported him in getting project reboot started, and his 
willingness to take action where others did not has led to many positive 
changes in the community.

However, why would I ever choose to pick up a phone and call somebody 
who is so abusive to others?

Eoin is so abusive that you personally had to draft an Anti-Harassment 
Policy specifically because of his behavior toward you and your staff 
(to say nothing of the volunteers). Eoin also consistently does not give 
credit where credit is due; he claims successes for himself. He does not 
take responsibility for his actions when things go wrong, rather he 
blames others.

Those maybe great business skills, but OWASP marches to a different 
ethical drum. And since all of you agree with me in private, I know you 
that you know what I am saying is accurate. And why is that? It is 
because you have the same experiences!

I just want Eoin to give credit where credit is due, and stop behaving 
poorly to others; two things I believe his consistent patterns of 
behavior seem to indicate he is incapable of doing.

Therefore, I fully stand by my statement that a board level position 
requires a much higher standard of behavior than Eoin currently 
exhibits. Eoin can be a tremendous asset to the community, and I feel 
that he should continue to do so as a volunteer.

This is my final public email on the subject, I suggest we all speak 
face to face at AppSec.


P.S. Attached email - Evidentially, Eoin disagree's with me and claims 
he can spend OWASP foundation money however he chooses, and I rebut.

On 13 Nov 2013, at 1:32, Sarah Baso wrote:

> Thanks Josh.
> I wanted to echo Josh's sentiments and ask that you (Dennis and Eoin)
> continue this conversation offline (if it is necessary).
> I think this back and forth has been a series of poor communication 
> (or
> lack of communication) and operating on different sets of assumptions. 
>  As
> a global community that works remotely and communicates via email, we 
> all
> need to try hard to pick up the phone where necessary and also I would 
> like
> to think we can give our colleagues and peers in OWASP the benefit of 
> the
> doubt. I don't think Eoin or anyone else was defrauding OWASP.
> The staff is working hard at setting better policies and financial
> communication methods to help make sure that there isn't ongoing 
> confusion
> about who is getting what money and where guidelines we need to follow 
> to
> comply with terms of our grants as well as donor intent.  I would like 
> to
> see the board not be involved in the day to day management of funds 
> going
> forward, but instead directing questions and submitting expense 
> requests
> (as applicable) per the standard policies set for the organization.  I
> think we are getting there....
> On a positive note, just think if this energy of all of us (staff, 
> board
> members, and volunteers) was spent working towards our mission instead 
> of
> rehashing the same argument in a nonproductive way 10 times!?
> Let's refocus on the strategic goal discussion -- and Eoin, i haven't 
> seen
> you bring up your cause of Developer Outreach that we discussed in 
> Germany.
> I assume you still feel strongly about that specifically being called 
> out
> in the goals for the upcoming year? (which i agree with).  Are there
> certain metrics you think we could use to measure impact on the 
> community
> in this area?
> Regards,
> Sarah
> -- 
> Executive Director
> OWASP Foundation
> sarah.baso at owasp.org
> +1.312.869.2779
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