[Owasp-board] OWASP Board Meetings - scheduling of calls for next year - could you please include Asia timezones in consideration

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Fri Nov 8 14:20:03 UTC 2013

Meetings in Hawaii sounds great.

I have no strong opinion on meeting duration. Maybe a mix of frequent
shorter meetings and longer quarterly sessions might be best. Relying on
your experience what works best.

And I apologise for bringing the burden of an additional timezone to the
board. :-(
One of the downsides of going global. ;-)
(And I fully understand that I am only one and that Asia timezone is
difficult with US timezones. And I don't expect we could accommodate
this every time. I just wanted to raise awareness that the board now has
an additional region/timezone outside US.)

I guess we now have a range from
Jim: UTC-10
Michael: UTC-8
Josh: UTC-6
Tom: UTC-5
Fabio & Eoin: UTC
Tobias: half UTC +8 (Asia), some time in UTC and the rest all over the
place... :-(

And actually although HK is 18 hours ahead of Hawaii, the local time
difference between Hawaii and HK is only 6 hours. *hehe*

See you soon in NY.

Aloha, Tobias

On 08/11/13 13:38, Jim Manico wrote:
> We might want to change the 8-hr quarterly meeting and go back to 90
> minute monthly meeting or the like. It will be impossible to please
> Hawaii, East coast US, Asia and European time zones with a 8-hr
> quarterly meeting requirement. :(
> PS: Or maybe just have meetings onsite at my house? ;-)
> Aloha Tobias!
> --
> Jim Manico
> @Manicode
> (808) 652-3805
>> On Nov 8, 2013, at 4:57 AM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Hello dear board members,
>> I am very much looking forward to joining the team and working with you
>> for the best of our OWASP community. And will be great to see you in two
>> weeks at AppSecUS in NY!
>> Just a small request:
>> As it seems I will be the first board member based in the Asia region,
>> when planning the schedule of board calls for the next year, could you
>> please include in your considerations for scheduling the Asia timezones.
>> I have no problem to go on calls at very long hours for OWASP, but calls
>> from 2:00am to 7:00am HK/China time zone could be really hard for me.
>> Cheers and all the best, Tobias
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