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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Sat Jun 22 21:43:11 UTC 2013

On 20 Jun 2013, at 10:06, Sarah Baso wrote:

> Eoin and other Board Members -
> *Option 1: Gated/OWASP Channel*

I think option 1 is the best choice - and the reason why is that we need 
to find out *who* is using OWASP and why!

I know for a fact, that I speak with people regularly, only to find out 
that we have left all kinds of money on the table. For example some of 
our projects are regularly used by major corporations - they find value 
in it; and we should be investing into it, but we do not (I will not 
name the projects, it is not relevant now). In this way we are 
completely failing to meet our 'customer' demand. :(

Now I know we are 'not a profit generating business.' However, 
non-profit doesn't mean we don't capture value - it indicates how we 
invest that captured value. Other non-profits are the NFL and IKEA! 
Redcross is a non-profit famous for the fact that only 1% of the money 
they make goes to the 'cause!' and 99% to 'operating costs.'  Now, I am 
not suggesting that we do anything that evil, but we seriously need to 
start doing basic business things, like know who our customers are and 
start serving them.

Again this was highlighted in a threat about chapters the other day, 
where in somebody discovered that the chapter meeting he went to was 
almost entirely security people and not developers! Incidentally, this 
was true at many of the chapters I started in the UK as well, and I 
struggled to get Computer Science students to the 'free meetings!'

Business school says it is a 'best strategy' to play to your strengths. 
And as a community, we need to identify those strengths and fast - so we 
can start building upon them, and that means we need data, about who is 
coming to OWASP and why.


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