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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Tue Jun 11 14:07:02 UTC 2013

I plan to release a "OWASP Top Ten, Community Edition" fork where:

1) The community can edit the document
2) The Top Ten items will be voted on by the community in an open way
3) Vendor logos/sponsors will be removed or moved to end of doc in a more
neutral way.

Jim Manico
(808) 652-3805

On Jun 11, 2013, at 1:02 AM, Ludovic Petit <ludovic.petit at owasp.org> wrote:

Hi Jim,

+1 with Chris, could you please very clearly clarify and explain what you
mean by 'forking the Top Ten', we here would like to have a real
understanding of what it means, etc because I sincerely doubt that every
people around the world clearly understand what 'fork' really means in such
a context, especially non-english people.

Many thanks in advance.


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I don't have time to listen to the podcast.  Can you summarize what you
hope to accomplish by forking the project?
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