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Sat Jun 8 00:54:05 UTC 2013

Hi Eoin (and OWASP community members)

Great questions ;-)

First the specifics for next year's events:

We have received one proposal for each AppSec USA 2014 (Denver CO) and
AppSec Europe (Cambridge UK) - so there is no selection as much as an open
opportunity for anyone to voice any objections before I approve these two
great proposals so they can get planning.

AppSec EU/Research for 2014 is proposed for the end of June in Cambridge,
UK -- details here: https://ocms.owasp.org/events/220/

AppSec USA 2014 is proposed for Q3 (September ideally) for Denver, Colorado
-- details here: https://ocms.owasp.org/events/230/

So, please take this opportunity to voice any questions, objections,
support and barring no big issues, I will go forward with approving the
events in OCMS on next Friday, the 14th.

In terms of a transparent and audit-able selection process - when there is
only one proposal received for the event (as has been the case for all the
Global appsecs last year and most of them the year before that, and so far
for next year) - there really is no "selection process" as much as an
opportunity to review the budget, discuss expectations with the local team
proposing to host, and barring no issues "approve".  The Global Conference
Committee previously conducted this process and there was not a scoring,
but they just voted on the location  if there was more than one submitted.

If you would like to put together a process or outline for what you would
like to see, I think that would be great. Otherwise, we will put it on the
wish list and when we get someone new hired for the conferences position
the staff, community, and that person can work on putting something

Open to other feedback you have!

Sarah Baso

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 6:14 AM, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:

> May I ask when venues for 2014 shall be selected and also how is the
> selection process conducted.
> Who makes the choice, how is the panel made up?
> I really want a transparent an auditable selection process.  What scoring
> mechanism is being used?
> For me this is a staff decision coupled with our (to be hired) conference
> manager.
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