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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Sat Jun 1 19:16:13 UTC 2013

On 1 Jun 2013, at 4:57, Eoin wrote:

> I'd like to see what the individual conference organisers feel is the 
> value if hiring a full time  Conf manager, can we ask them please?
> People that have driven events like appsec eu, appsec USA and also 
> regional events would be worth talking to.

I have said this many times to many people, however, I will put a record 
down so that all of you I haven't been able to communicate with 
personally will know my position.

I have done a systems study of OWASP. Projects, Conferences, Chapters 
and Memberships. all have a strong relationship with each other. People 
come for a project like the OWASP top 10; subsequently attend a 
conference, and then join a local Chapter and become a member. Another 
is a person joins a chapter, subsequently attends a conferences and then 
joins a project. These are just a couple of the *many* examples of that 
systems study of relationships. They all feed off each other. The result 
of that study however was clear.

Conferences more than any of the other 3 areas is where we currently 
capture the value in cash that we generate in projects, chapters and 
memberships. **Pareto efficiency says then we need to really focus on 
our conferences. Its our primary value collection point. It should be a 
well oiled cash machine.**

I have known the Blackhat & Defcon crowd since it started (Jeff and I 
were best friends throughout high school). And I can assure you that 
there is a *TEAM* of paid people involved in addition to the volunteers; 
like the proctors. Even the speakers are paid! I know many other 
professional conference organisers as well. And one thing that is 
consistent is that they have more than *one paid employee*.

Now I understand we have a different model, however it is a universal 
law that to make money you must spend money. It is called **investing**. 
And we have always, always, always needed to invest more into our 
conferences - starting with building ***a team of people,*** and indeed 
this is exactly what Dinis did to pull of the Summits. (Please note: 
summits are not conferences, and did not generate revenue!)

Take a page from the summits; or blackhat, or deacon, or RSA or any 
conference committee of your choosing: ***We don't just need to urgently 
backfill Sarah's position, we also need to backfill it with perhaps four 
additional people at a minimum. Investing in our Conferences, it is 
investing in our revenue generation!***

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