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Note: started a new thread since the subject isn't Akamai

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Not to make more work for Matt, and thank you Matt for all the amazing hard

Should we not start hosting our *own* git repositories for the community?
Or should I try and get github to give us more control over the current
repositories? I don't know to what degree we want to have control over our
own property vs outsourced e.g. Salesforce and Rackspace?



If there are limitations or other issues with GitHub, I'd suggest we look
at Gitorious.

They offer free hosting to opensource projects but also offer "branded"


The basic plan (which they host the repo + servers) is 99 EURO or ~
$128.50/month and includes:
* Subdomain - e.g. owasp.gitorious.org
* Your logo
* Page title
* Listed on Gitorious's sponsor page

Additionally, the Gitorious team can be hired to develop custom features or
provide integrations to other systems (perhaps SalesForce?)


And if you are already under support, the custom development rate is
reduced by 20 EURO (~$26)

I also have a preference for OWASP to use open solutions where they are
available and at par with proprietary options.

To be honest, I'm very focused on completing the server updates &
migrations so this would not make my queue for a while.  However, if you or
any other community member wants to look into this further, I'd welcome the

-- Matt Tesauro
OWASP WTE Project Lead
http://AppSecLive.org - Community and Download site
OWASP OpenStack Security Project Lead
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