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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Sat Jun 1 02:25:41 UTC 2013

Not to make more work for Matt, and thank you Matt for all the amazing 
hard work.

Should we not start hosting our *own* git repositories for the 
community? Or should I try and get github to give us more control over 
the current repositories? I don't know to what degree we want to have 
control over our own property vs outsourced e.g. Salesforce and 



On 31 May 2013, at 18:46, Matt Tesauro wrote:

> Tom,
> Yes we can move forward with Akamai for some of the OWASP sites.  As 
> I've
> stated in the past, getting Akamai setup for OWASP requires the 
> servers be
> migrated from Rackspace's public cloud to Rackspace's Managed Cloud.
> For those sites that have been moved to manged, I will need the 
> following
> before I can engage the Rackspace managed team to connect our sites to
> Akamai's CDN:
> (1) Clean up the accounts associated with Akamai
> - Add me as an Akamai admin
> - Remove Larry and Ryan as Akamai users
> - Add owasp.foundation at owasp.org as the principal user.  This is the 
> new
> standard for all our SaaS products so that the primary account is not 
> tied
> to any one individual but directly to the Foundation
> (2) Once I get access, i can provide any details (account number, 
> etc.) to
> the Rackspace managed team to connect our existing servers to Akamai's 
> CDN.
> (3) If not done already, get the Akamai donation information to Kelly 
> as
> she is tracking these interactions with companies who are donating 
> services.
> Note:  As of today, here is the breakdown of migrated servers:
> *Public Cloud*
> * OWASP wiki
> * lists.owasp.org (90% migration completed)
> * OCMS
> *Managed Cloud:*
> * AppSec US
> * lists.owasp.org (new server & installation of Mailman)
> * Salesforce integration + conference archive server
> * OpenSAMM site (in process of being moved by Pravir)
> Note that lists.owasp.org was prioritized ahead of the OWASP wiki due 
> to
> the upcoming expiration of the Barracuda Mail Filtering donation.
> Additionally, migration of lists and the wiki were pushed back to 
> install
> and configure the AppSec USA WordPress site after Falling Rock proved
> unworkable.
> Additionally, as part of the migration to Managed Cloud, all new 
> servers
> are being configured with VM and file-level backups, monitored for 
> uptime,
> CPU, disk and network access.  Additionally, CloudPassage has recently
> donated use of their security agent for all of OWASP's cloud servers.
> So, get the accounts cleaned up in Akamai and I can start on the 
> process of
> setting up the CDN as soon as that is in place.  I will start with the
> AppSec USA site since that began its life in Managed cloud.
> Cheers!

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