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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue Jul 9 05:05:10 UTC 2013


One of the items discussed today was the tendency for items needing
feedback by the board to go stale without action or feedback. Here's how
we've agreed to tackle this issue to keep things moving:

1. Items for comment are added in a centralized and consistent location
that is linked from the board minutes.
See here:

This is also listed in the "old business" section of the board meeting

Status - Done. This has been in place for the past several months

2. Items for comment will have a set time period for board comment ~ 2
weeks. Comments can include anything from edits, notes, questions or to
offering contrary suggestions and positions.

Status - We'll start steps 2,3,4 with the branding document shortly.

3. At the end of our board comment period the doc will be pushed to
governance list for community feedback. Board member comments will be
included in the document so the community can see our discussion and views.
If a board member chooses not to add any comments then they'll be
identified with Name - No feedback provided.

4. Lastly, we'll update the original proposal / item for comment with
consideration of feedback in steps 2 & 3 and vote if necessary.

This is a bit more formal then before. However, our previous approach
resulted in documents sitting idle for months without progress. This
approach should help us move items further more quickly.


Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc
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