[Owasp-board] Vendor Neutrality

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Wed Feb 13 23:56:20 UTC 2013

This is not a chapter meeting. This is a chapter training event that they
are charging a fee for, just like a chapter could hold a local conference
and charge a fee for that too.  And to be consistent with the OWASP
Conferences, they are charging the same fee for these events as the OWASP
Conferences do.

I'm not sure I see the problem. Other than it could have been more clear
that this was an OWASP Chapter sponsored training event, and not a Trustwave


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See section 5.02 of the bylaws which state chapter meetings must follow the
chapter handbook.



Points to....


Which state that all OWASP Chapter meetings need to be free per our bylaws.

There is also this...


Which states that vendors need to act independently at chapter meetings and
chapter activites.

In my opinion, this kind of activity completely blurs the lines between
where OWASP ends and vendors start.

I think we should do (a lot) better. Especially for an event driven by a
board member!

- Jim Manico
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> This is an OWASP Chapter Training event with a  similar revenue split 
> as the OWASP Conferences.
> While I think it could have been made more clear that this is an OWASP 
> Training event, and not just a Trustwave vendor training pitch in the 
> email, I wouldn't call this a major foul.
> For example, it would have been better (in my opinion) if it said 
> something
> like:
> "As a special introduction to the SpiderLabs instructor led course 
> being offered as part of the 1st ever OWASP NYC Chapter Training 
> Event, I would like to extend to you ..."
> If this was just Trustwave trying to promote their own training event 
> that had nothing to do with OWASP, then yes, this would cross the line 
> in my opinion. (But its not).
> -Dave
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> A few folks sent this text my way today. This went out to the NYC 
> chapter list yesterday. What do you think, Board, is this respecting 
> vendor neutrality?
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> As a special introduction to the SpiderLabs instructor led course I 
> would like to extend to you a $500 discount code "TRUSTWAVE_500OFF" to 
> be used during check-out.
> Hack Your Own Code: Advanced Training for Developers (2 Day Training 
> Course) This class provides security developers an exciting chance to 
> hone their programming skills while also learning to exploit common 
> web vulnerabilities.
>  For more information on the (3) training classes available visit:
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