[Owasp-board] Budget 2014: some comments on Donations, Merchandise and Advertising income

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Mon Dec 9 18:44:08 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

very good talking with you all just now.
In the spirit of preparing for next week's budget call, here some
comments on the planned budget:

1. Donations:
(current goal in the draft is 40k)
although I like the goal, I have serious concerns whether we will be
able to go from $0 to $40k next year.
So I would suggest to keep the internal goal of 40k+, but to budget
conservatively only for 5k-10k on this.

2. Merchandise:
(current goal in the draft is 20k)
again, even though I like the idea of aiming for that, we have not much
experience how to monetise merchandise, so I see uncertainty whether we
will be able to go from $0 to 20k within a year. And consider this is
"net profit" as we don't offset this with any CoGs (Cost of Goods Sold)
on the expense side.
So my suggestion would be to aim for 20k+, but to budget only for 1-5k.

3. Advertising:
(current goal in the draft is 10k)
I am not sure about this in general, so some thoughts:
3.1. this is only anecdotal, but maybe other got some feedback on this
as well: I heard some mixed community feedback on advertising in general
and on our homepage in particular: some people felt that e.g. a
commercial advertising banner on our homepage would be bad.
3.2. and we achieved only 2.5k this year.
So I would raise two questions:
- which advertising sources do we want to tap into and what gives us the
confidence that we can do 10k in 2014?
- And more importantly can we achieve it without friction in the
community? Aka the question: is the advertising income even worth the
potential reputational friction it may cause for OWASP and the community.

Looking at these three items, I could very well see us ending up with
only 10k from all three together instead of 70k. Leaving us ca. 60k short.

Note: I am fully aware of the new contingency column in the budget.

Best regards, Tobias

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