[Owasp-board] Budget: request for information

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Mon Dec 9 16:09:13 UTC 2013

Good morning Sarah,

how are you? Hope you had a good weekend.

A quick request for information on two things regarding our budget:
1. could you please let us know how much cash we have at hand?
As we have some ring-fenced, it would be good to distinguish that.
So we can understand our liquidity for 2014 in case some of the budget
income does not materialise as planned.

2. could you please send round the list of board travel expenses for
last year
(best would be by event, board member and expense.)

Thank you and talk in an hour,


Ps.: as this is too short before our meeting, the item #2 also has time
until next week.

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