[Owasp-board] Discussion - Strategic Goals for 2013

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue Apr 9 17:39:25 UTC 2013


In 2012 we formalized strategic goals for OWASP. These items served as a
direction and rallying point for many of our operational items.

While these goals may still hold true, we should formally evaluate and vote
to reconfirm each year. Although it is now April, I'd like to push that

Here are the items from 2012


   Build the OWASP Platform - Define the processes, resources, and tools to
   enable volunteers to quickly join and contribute to OWASP in the areas of
   projects, chapters, education, conferences and connections


   Expand Communication Channels - Establish effective communication
   channels into developer groups, universities, and industry groups


   Grow the OWASP Community - Build and grow the OWASP community throughout
   the world by focusing on the quality of projects, chapters, conferences,
   and social technologies

   Financial Stability -  Further build out a stable financial foundation
   and create new sources of income for the organisation to achieve the goals
   of 2012 and future years.

For 2013 I'd like to make sure we still limit the strategic goals to 4.

>From my perspective I think this year we should place a focus on
recognizing the contributors. There are many ways to do this, but I'd like
to see systems built that can scale and provide recognition for the
volunteer efforts of the community. This includes items like a badge
program or something like "o-points", automated recognition of our top
volunteers in global initiatives and wiki edits, some sort of featured
OWASP'er of the week on the front page of OWASP or in the connector, and so

I believe that this should be a strategic focus for 2013. The impact of
this change will be a clear recognition system for individuals that get
involved in OWASP. They can help change the world and be quickly
acknowledged for their efforts.

Sticking to a limit of 4 strategic goals I'd initially argue this strategic
goal would replace "Grow the OWASP community". I like the other 3 but would
love to hear opinions from the rest of the board.

Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc
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