[Owasp-board] My resignation

Mark Bristow mark.bristow at owasp.org
Thu Nov 15 00:35:41 UTC 2012

GCC Members and Board,

Effective immediately I am stepping down as GCC Chair and as a GCC member.
 As many of you know I had been adamant not to continue on as GCC chair
through next year and I had been considering the future my participation as
a GCC member.   I apologize for the suddenness of this and not sticking out
to the end of the year but recent family events have re-alligned my
priorities and with my growing family (2 little kids) and changing roles at
my "real" job I just do not have the time to put the effort forward that
you all at OWASP deserve and my family deserves.  I'll still be hanging
around, although with a vastly scaled back participation.

I have really enjoyed my time at OWASP, starting in 2005 as "just another
guy at the DC/MD Chapter" through hosting several successful conferences,
contributing to projects and in leadership roles in the organization.  I've
come to call many of you close friends of the years and this decision is
bittersweet but the time is ripe for new blood.  I am confident that the
future leaders of OWASP, supported by your great support staff, will
continue to do great things to spread the mission of OWASP and help secure
our applications.

Good luck everyone and if you see me out I'll buy you a beer.

Deepest Regards,
Mark Bristow

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