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I'd strongly support 3 chapter leaders from a different employer if only to
reduce the workload on any individual and ensure that the meeting carries on
if any one company has a big push, layoffs, or whatever.  That said, I would
not support this as a mandate as I recognize that it's not always possible
in all chapters throughout the world.



On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 6:41 PM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

For what it's worth..


NYC/NJ has been split to two different chapters with different teams and
Independant meetings and finances 11 months ago. I wish there was a OWASP
chapter in each NYC borough (queens,staten island, Bronx, Brooklyn & Long
Island re:Long Island we have one there already)


So the more volunteers the better - fresh and fun the big 'meet-up" is the
regional or global AppSec events. (I strongly support 3 chapter leaders each
from a different employer at a min requirement too... So call me crazy) and
yes that is the local rule of NYC and NJ chapter leaders in addition to paid
membership and leading by example)


2 cents from a guy building community locally with a chapter leader hat
since 2004 and hosting appsecusa2013 next year.

Tom Brennan



On Nov 6, 2012, at 5:02 PM, "Ofer Shezaf" <ofer at shezaf.com> wrote:

I don't want to get to Geographical debates (however comparing Texas
distances to Israeli one was quite funny). While Jerusalem is within
(uneasy) commuting range from Tel-Aviv, an OWASP meeting in Jerusalem is a
wonderful idea. 


However I think that arranging meetings in the context of the same chapter
might be a better way to go, and is the way things are done in most European
countries. Why? 

.         I want to touch on the McDonald's Franchising issue: I do think a
reasonable size of reachable audience (and for that matter potential
activists, speakers and sponsors) is a key success factor for a chapter.
There is one difference though - in an OWASP chapter there is room for all.
If too many people need to choose, the area is too small. 

o   This is not just an idea - I recall several dense metro area going
through a unification process because those issues are real - and some of
them are our most successful chapters - NYC/NJ, BeNeLux and the Bay area are
those that come to mind.

.         A chapter in a smaller country has (or should have) a national
role (localizing materials, industry and media relations, legislators
relations etc).


To that end, what I would like to see is Josh joining the OWASP IL board. I
think we do better than most chapters, but we don't do nearly as good as we
should, and anybody willing to give a hand (and organize a meeting in
Jerusalem) is welcomed. If something holds against Josh is that he never
volunteered so far.


~ Ofer Shezaf


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Looking at the OWASP Israel wiki page, it looks like most of the recent
meetings have been held in Herzliya.  I entered that into Google Maps to try
to get a feel for the distance between Herzliya and Jerusalem and it looks
like it's roughly 85 km (~53 miles).  In current traffic Google Maps says
it's about an hour and 20 minutes away.  That's roughly 3 hours of travel
time for a 3 hour meeting (guessing based on 3 presentations)?  That seems
like it would be enough to justify creation of a new chapter given that we
have an application and interest from someone who appears to be very capable
of running it.  OWASP Chapters aren't like a McDonalds franchise where you
want them far enough so they don't compete with eachother.  Our Austin
Chapter works closely with Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio which are
similarly close together.  Unless there are other concerns about Josh's
competency or ability to run a chapter, of which I haven't heard any, my
inclination is to approve this.  I see nothing wrong with the current
chapter being the "OWASP Israel Chapter" and the new one being the "OWASP
Jerusalem Chapter".  



On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 11:54 PM, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:

hold on until discussed with Ofer M.



On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 8:01 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>

Please respond in approval for the establishment of a new OWASP Chapter in


Person founding the chapter: Josh Amishav-Zlatin


Brief background description:

Josh Amishav-Zlatin is the Director of Research and Development at Pure
Hacking where he focuses on web application defensive research and develops
customized ModSecurity rule-sets to help customers reduce risk associated
with their web applications. Before licensing changes, he was among the top
three third-party plugin developers for Nessus and is among the top ten data
manglers in the OSVDB project. Josh specializes in web application
penetration testing, FOSS based security solutions and is currently involved
with the OWASP Core Rule Set, AuditConsole and WASC Threat Classification
projects. He is a very active member of the ModSecurity community and
frequently speaks on innovative web application firewall solutions.


Josh has over 10 years of experience in the IT security industry, working
with both financial and government clients to help secure their critical
applications. He has run numerous training courses for clients around the
world. These courses include web application penetration testing,
infrastructure penetration testing and security testing automation. These
have been run both face-to-face and online.


Statement why I want to be an OWASP Leader:

While there is a national OWASP chapter in Israel, it meets in the center of
the country which prohibits many people in other areas from participating
due to the commuting time required to get there. When I surveyed the OWASP
Israel list about an interest in a Jerusalem chapter there were
approximately 20 people interested. I want to create an opportunity for
AppSec professionals in the Jerusalem area to meet and share ideas as well.


I read, understand and agree to the terms of the Chapter Leader Handbook.


Kate Hartmann

+1 301-275-9403 <tel:%2B1%20301-275-9403> 

Skype:  kate.hartmann1



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