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Board Members (esp. Eoin or Seba) -
Are any of you able to help out with Kostas' request (below)?  Please look
at your calendars and let us know if you would be willing and able to help

Sarah Baso

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The PR company that is helping us out to promote OWASP AppSec Research
2012 has offered to organize a press conference for us. They have very
good contacts in local press and have offered to organize this for
free so this is a big opportunity for us to promote the event! The
cost for us will be around 1000-1300 euros (including booking a room,
coffee, AV equipment, etc.) but hopefully we will probably be able to
cut it down even more.

The PR company suggests to organize this in mid or late June. Ideally
we would like to have a board member (Seba is geographically closest
and Eoin would be next in terms of distance) or a member of the GCC
(John?) or connections (many options there) committee to attend and
speak about OWASP, in order to give the true global picture of OWASP..

Could Sarah or Kate check with the board and/or committee members and
confirm someone's availability to come to Greece for a day or two
sometime between June 15th and 25th. I'm only asking this because I
believe you have easier and more direct access to the board and
committees and also have a better idea of who would be best fitted for
this task. What we can do to make his/her visit worth while is arrange
for him/her to present at a local chapter meeting and of course if
needed pay for [part of] his/her trip. If we confirm that someone can
come we can go ahead and book an exact date, make travel arrangements,

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