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Eoin et al -
Sorry for the delay.

Here are the notes from the meeting, please let me know if you have any
changes/additions.  I will send a separate email directly following
connecting with GPC and cc'ing all of you.

Sarah Baso

Intro call - collaboration with DHS/HOST

 Tuesday, May 1 2012


Sarah Baso

Eoin Keary

Michael Coates

Tom Brennan

Kelly Santalucia

John Weathersby

Josh Davis

Dave Wichers

Brief introductions

John - Executive Director, OSS institute at HOST

Josh - Georgia tech research institute, strong background in OSS, PI at DHS

Eoin Keary - Global Board Member out of Dublin - project lead code review
guide & involved in testing guide

Michael Coates - involved since 2008, Global Board Member based
SanFrancisco, started AppSensor project

Tom Brennan - involved since 2003, Global Board Member out of NJ

Sarah Baso - based in MN, OWAP employee -confernece and community

Kelly SantaLucia - based in  New Jersey, started working with OWAP NYNJ
Chapter, now OWASP employee - Membership and Business Liaison

John started working with DHS 3 years ago, point of HOST is to facilitate
government interaction with OSS (“championing” initiative). Goal is to identify
good open source projects and not completely fund them, but instead
contribute to a few (5-6 this year total) that have the potential to be
successful and self sustaining projects.  Don’t want to dominate the
projects, but contribute and be involved in development/production.

John/Josh have identified OWASP as an organization with project(s) they
want to support, now we need to work together to figure out allocation of
money (which projects) and action points/deliverables in exchange for the
funding. OWASP has been identified because of its dynamic community with
people from all over the world working together... want us to be an example
of how their initiative can work sucessfully.

General plan from HOST perspective:

- Put money on the table

- Build a partnership/working arrangement for a long term relationship
between DHS HOST & OWASP

- Guiding pricipal: leadership can be demonstrated by helping

Need to determine:

- Where is money best applied?

- Coordination of deliverables...

Eoin - currently OWASP (and Board Members) facing tough questions about how
to build projects. Once get to a certain point, takes time, money, manpower
to move forward.

Question: Can OWASP say DHS is involved in this?

Answer: Yes, this is necessary, DHS HOST wants to  build brand awareness
globally and being seen as involved in OSS. DHS HOST is looking to promote
their integrity on the web/larger scale, partnering with OWASP and OWASP
projects should help achieve this objective.

Question: How should we allocate money? or How do we decide which projects
get money?

Is DHS HOST able to offer other resources able to get involved (people)?

Answer: DHS Host very interested in building documentation on projects.
They are interested in learning what is important/seen as top priority for
OWASP - what are project goals?

Tom - Is it possible for DHS Host to become OWASP corporate member
($5,000)? This would be a good first step in establishing relationship with

Josh - need to check on whether ok to “pay for membership” and have logo
posted as a member.

John - better to start out with most unencombered way to get money in our
hands (minimal visibility for DHS), then we can formalize visibility in the

Action items for Sarah - to move forward:

1. Send GPC Project inventory list (list of current projects)

2. Facilitate introduction between Josh and John and GPC

3. Set up meeting with individuals on this call and GPC to discuss projects
that DHS HOST will fund and project plan(s) for moving forward.

 notes taken by: Sarah Baso

On May 6, 2012, at 11:38 AM, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:

Hi Sarah,
Have the guys received any list from GPC? shall I talk to them?
Are minutes of the meeting available?

Eoin Keary
BCC Risk Advisory
Owasp Global Board
+353 87 977 2988

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OWASP and DHS/HOST Collaboration Meeting
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