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Should be noted that we are in much better situation now as it looks like
the hotel will sell out and as a result eliminate most if not all of the
hotel block expenses.

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> Yep.  There is a "members only" drawing and a "sponsor passport" both for
> new iPads.  We were going to have more prizes but needed to scale back.
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> I am saddened to hear this. Obviously the economic situation has been
> eroding vendor marketing budgets. I'm assuming you have already considered
> trying to entice more attendees through incentives, such as being entered
> into a pool for a drawing for a new iPad?****
> On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 2:38 PM, Mark Bristow <mark.bristow at owasp.org>
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> Board,
> I wanted to write you to let you know that AppSec DC is currently in a
> financial risk state.  A few months ago I warned that we were not where we
> needed to be event wise and we took some steps to improve this however
> these efforts have not been sufficient.  Even though our registrations are
> looking to be on par with last year's numbers (perhaps a bit down) we are
> not pulling in near the sponsorship levels that we needed to conduct a
> successful event.  Last year AppSec DC brought in $67,000 in sponsorships
> compared to this year's $38,000.  This is compounded by the lack of
> training registrations (2010 $48,000 in revenue vs 2012 $24,000).  This
> puts our sponsor/training revenue down approximately $53,000 year over
> year.  We also are not near the levels required of our hotel block (which
> in the past has sold out easily) currently adding a $30,000 liability on
> the books (I expect this to improve dramatically as we approach the event,
> as it has done in the past).
> Currently (if no more registrations, sponsorships or training registration
> occurs, and the hotel dons't fill up) we are looking at a worst case
> $52,000 loss.  Now I expect this number to improve, especially considering
> that the last few weeks typically have a number of registrations and the
> hotel liability should shrink considerably but I wanted to alert you to the
> risks.  As with most event planning we were running a deficit for some time
> (this is expected but it should have improved by this point, last year we
> were at about $10,000 loss at the same time in the calendar ) but a number
> of last minute sponsorships turned up as "no" and as a result we are
> looking at a gap that we may not close.
> We have already curtailed much of the "niceties" at the event:****
>    - We have canceled the VIP/Speaker event****
>    - We have canceled lunch, and moved to only providing coffee at breaks
>    (Still expensive due to the venue, it is still an option to cancel this
>    however it will severely impact event quality)****
>    - We have removed food at the Networking Event (This event is
>    sponsored and the sponsorship will cover costs)****
>    - We have nixed the VIP gift****
>    - We have downgraded our usual conference bag to one that costs about
>    $1 per unit****
>    - We have scaled back on prizes****
> There are a lot of reasons that I have for why we are at this point, but
> at this point there is no point crying over split milk.  I wanted to both
> inform you that there is a risk and ask that, if as board members you have
> any last minute contacts for sponsorships that you considering leveraging
> them as we are basically out of leads in this regard.  I'm also open to
> suggestions/directives about what else to cut as I feel we're at the
> leanest we can get without cutting into the "meat".
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