[Owasp-board] GMC proposal - New Group Discount for OWASP Individual Membership

Helen Gao helen.gao at owasp.org
Tue Mar 27 18:16:46 UTC 2012

Dear board directors,

I would like to propose the following on behalf of the
membership committee. We plan to run a test drive from May 1 to August 1,
2012. The original
been shared with you. I have also added it to the agenda of the April
board meeting.

New Group Discount for OWASP Individual Membership

What is the issue:

   - Currently there is no group discount for individual membership.

What we propose:

   - Offer group discount in order to attract corporate sponsored
   individual members.

What’s discussed

   - Group discount helps to attract individual supporters from a company,
   a chapter, a conference, etc.
   - The biggest concern is a company purchasing a large number of
   membership in order to control the election. The following measures should
   help to prevent this from happening:
      - OWASP reserve the right to suspend and/or revoke all members of a
      company in case of a fraud.
      - The individual must use his/her company email to register. This
      helps tracking the individual back to the sponsoring corporation.
      - The individual must reply to the confirmation email to become a
      member. This prove that the individual exists and wants to participate in
      - OWASP board candidates should be free from commercial affiliation.
      - Publicize the news when a company purchases a large amount of OWASP
      memberships. The reason is that sunshine is the best
disinfector. The news
      may also attract the company’s competitors to join OWASP which
will further
      prevent fraud.
   - Change RegOnline to add “For 3 or more contact OWASP <about:blank>”.
   The supporters will click on the link and send an email to Kelly Santalucia
   who will follow up with the supporters.
   - Run a test drive for 3 months, from May 1 to Aug. 1, 2012. Review at
   the end of the test drive and decide if to continue.
   - Other organizations already do that. E.g. Open Source Software

Helen Gao
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