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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Tue Mar 6 06:53:25 UTC 2012

Good man Tom, thank you!

With any power comes responsibility. I'm actively managing the LinkedIn 
account a few times a week and will keep it up. If anyone else needs 
access, or if you want to remind me to triage the LinkedIn requests when 
they stack up, that's a value add. I'm also ready to give up the manager 
position if someone else wants to actively run the account.

Another note, the connections committee is really only me and Ludovic. 
Doug has been great at helping with advice, but the I'm the only one 
actively managing the various resources day to day. I recently gave 
Jason Alexander and Sarah Baso twitter access to @owasp since this 
really is the most active resource and I want deeper coverage for us. 
I'm trying my best to get others to assist with these tasks so we can do 

I'm also using PRWithBrains a lot more than expected. He. Is. Awesome.  
I just put Kos and Seba in touch with PRWithBrains so we can see what he 
can do if he is given proper notice and time to prep a real plan for 
conference promotion. We are asking him to give us a proposal for AppSec 
Research Greece. We need the help, his prices are reasonable, and we 
have the budget.

Ludovic is mostly interested in working to augment the corporate 
sponsorship program. He has a comprehensive plan in mind, we just need 
PR help. Seba, Helen and Luvovic are going to work with PRBrains to 
enhance our corporate sponsorship material and approach.

And Tom, you were right. Connections/Marketing for OWASP cannot be a one 
man show. I'm really glad that you suggested this resource and I feel a 
lot more empowered to help the foundation.


> Done,
> Attached is the revised update for  volunteer mangers/moderators as 
> well as employees to all operationalize it.
> Good topic for the next connections committee meeting.
> On Mar 5, 2012, at 12:35 PM, Jim Manico wrote:
>> Tom,
>> Can you please make me "manager" of the OWASP LinkedIn profile? This 
>> is part of my connections duties and I'm the only one triaging the 
>> many requests. I'm on it once a week at least now. I want to have 
>> more control to promote conferences and make conference posts part of 
>> the "manager choice".
>> Thank you, I appreciate this.
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