[Owasp-board] Chapter pledge/reboot/outstanding actions.

Eoin eoin.keary at owasp.org
Thu Jun 28 12:28:35 UTC 2012

Can you remind the chapter leaders to respond the survey monkey please.
Can you ask the chapters committee to do same.

Still nothing significant on the OWASP.org webpage in relation to this either:Some info on the chapter pledge initiative would help....

This has more longterm impact than the security blitz ... Or appsec videos, We are building solutions here for developers to use for years to come. (can I have some front page real estate please or permissions to edit the front page?)

We are out of money already, which is a good sign but also restrictive.

Any update on DHS Host?


Eoin Keary
Owasp Global Board
+353 87 977 2988

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