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I'm very excited about this, Rock on Kate and Sarah!

Looking forward to the next step...

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On Jun 27, 2012, at 2:43 PM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

FYI - I have reviewed all of the proposals and support this choice and
investment too.

The RFP document is here:

The folder with the 4 proposals we received/reviewed are here:

On Jun 27, 2012, at 9:38 AM, Sarah Baso wrote:

All -
Based on the conversations during the connections committee call and via
email for the conferences committee, we agreed on 2 action items before
moving forward with the Design Foundry for our marketing and graphic design

Kate was working on follow up with the committee chairs, so she can weigh
in on that piece.

I followed up with the 3 references provided by Patrick Calder of the
Design Foundry as well as Dave Sachdev (the volunteer from AppSec DC who
received the RFP and forwarded it on to Patrick).  Everyone I spoke with
called me back immediately and had great things to say about Patrick,
his ability to collaborate with others (and take constructive critisism),
and meet deadlines.

*Dave Sachdev*
*AppSec DC Volunteer*

   - "[Patrick] has had the Design Foundry for a number of year and does a
   lot of print and web work, including for large clients such as The World
   Bank.  One of the reasons that I forwarded on the proposal to Patrick was I
   remember that we discussed that the budget did not allow for Nguyet to
   submit a bid given her rate, and Patrick has been really great and turning
   around both short term and long term projects with much tighter budgets.
   In fact, he recently did a rush job (less then 24 hours notice from
   requirements to delivery) on a website for a client on small budget."

*Jon Gann*
*DC Shorts Film Festival*

   - 10+ year relationship with Patrick, including working with Patrick on
   6 websites
   - Patrick does well with a schedule, deadlines, and deliverables.
   - Patrick does not always come off as "carefree and cheerful" as he is
   an introvert with a serious demeanor.  Nevertheless, he has a great work
   ethic and passion for his projects.
   - Patrick is open to critisism/feedback on his work and will discuss and
   modify until you are satisfied with the outcome.

*Katherine Giacalone, Giacalone and Associates*

   - "Patrick is a consummate professional who is calm under pressure and
   welcomes feedback on his work. I can't say enough about him, I have known
   him for over 10 years now.  He is tremendously responsive and I have never
   had a problem with him meeting a deadline.  I have always been pleased with
   his work. Overall, he is a good person, conscientious, and very creative."

*Yolanda Flemming, National Medical Association*

   - Has worked with Patrick and The Design Foundry for 5-6 years, and
   keeps going back to them for projects based on the quality of the work as
   well as Patrick's ability to meet the needs of "a difficult client."
   - Yolanda considers her self quite critical and having his expectations.
   Patrick is always open to suggestion/critical and will give his honest
   opinion on something, but then leave the decision on the direction of the
   work up to the client.
   - Earlier this year he did the all the layout and assembly of a 500-600
   page book (physician education project), which they have been very happy
   - He has also been instrumental in coming up with a plan and materials
   (handouts/flyers) for their community out reach initiative.
   - Patrick meets deadlines and able to follow a project plan.

*I would like to get things rolling with Patrick by the end of the week so
he can start putting a flyer together for us to hand out at BlackHat.
 Please respond asap with any comments or objections to moving forward with
setting up a contract with Patrick.  *
*Also, as noted before, I will work with Patrick on drafting a contract
outlining out expectations (as well as his), which will include ownership
of all original artwork so it can be edited/modified as needed for other
templates as well as regional modifications (including translation of any
text).  I will ensure the draft of this contract goes to this group for
review before finalizing.*

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