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I could fly in on 15-Jun evening, do the press conference & chapter meeting
on 16-Jun and fly back on 17-Jun
Flight cost is € 550 + hotel


On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 10:24 PM, Sarah Baso <sarah.baso at owasp.org> wrote:

> Board Members (esp. Eoin or Seba) -
> Are any of you able to help out with Kostas' request (below)?  Please look
> at your calendars and let us know if you would be willing and able to help
> out.
> Thanks,
> Sarah Baso
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> Subject: [Appseceu2012] Press Conference
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> All,
> The PR company that is helping us out to promote OWASP AppSec Research
> 2012 has offered to organize a press conference for us. They have very
> good contacts in local press and have offered to organize this for
> free so this is a big opportunity for us to promote the event! The
> cost for us will be around 1000-1300 euros (including booking a room,
> coffee, AV equipment, etc.) but hopefully we will probably be able to
> cut it down even more.
> The PR company suggests to organize this in mid or late June. Ideally
> we would like to have a board member (Seba is geographically closest
> and Eoin would be next in terms of distance) or a member of the GCC
> (John?) or connections (many options there) committee to attend and
> speak about OWASP, in order to give the true global picture of OWASP..
> Could Sarah or Kate check with the board and/or committee members and
> confirm someone's availability to come to Greece for a day or two
> sometime between June 15th and 25th. I'm only asking this because I
> believe you have easier and more direct access to the board and
> committees and also have a better idea of who would be best fitted for
> this task. What we can do to make his/her visit worth while is arrange
> for him/her to present at a local chapter meeting and of course if
> needed pay for [part of] his/her trip. If we confirm that someone can
> come we can go ahead and book an exact date, make travel arrangements,
> etc.
> Thanks,
> Kostas
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