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The target is done in advance, not after the event. We use the U.S. event as
the date after which we figure out next year's targets because it is the
biggest single revenue source for OWASP, so it affects the entire next
year's budget in a significant way.


However, I could see that we could come with an estimate for each event
right after the previous event, and then potentially adjust it right after
OWASP AppSec USA, with the goal that it NOT be adjusted if possible. That
way conference planning generally know almost a year in advance the revenue
target primarily based on the revenue generated the previous year.


Regarding the $5K threshold, I think some potential for adjustment above $5K
is reasonable to consider for the larger chapters. I might not agree to have
the 10/90 go up to their entire target budget, because chapters raise
revenue in other ways  too, like encouraging memberships, etc. And if they
go way over their target, then the chapter could be significantly overfunded
because they get 40% of the overage too. And we should also consider the
amount of $ the chapter already has in their account as well. I.e., if you
plan to spend $10K but have $5K already there, then maybe $5K is a more
appropriate target. 


The good news, from your reply is that you seem to be OK with the entire
policy except for this one specific point, which I think is BIG progress.
Hopefully others feel similar so we are approaching closure on this.


Thanks for reviewing this.




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1. The point about when the profit target is determined is unclear.  Does
this mean for the US event that we are determining the target after the
event has taken place or is this for the next year's event?  Why are we
using the US event to determine the timing for other events.  IMHO, we
should be able to set the profit target for the following year's event
within 60 days of the completion of the current year's event.  

2. I am fine with the percentage splits here, but do not agree with the
$5,000 value at which they happen.  This is more than enough for a smaller
chapter holding an event, but for a larger chapter, such as my Austin
chapter, our event would have to profit $18,750 in order for us to raise our
annual budget of roughly $10,000.  In other words, this $5,000 number does
not allow us to scale profit splits well as chapter sizes grow.  My
suggestion would be to make $5,000 the base number here UNLESS a chapter
running an event has submitted a budget showing annual expenses greater than
that amount, in which case they are allowed up to that amount at the 10/90
split.  A subtle change, but one which I believe is necessary in order for
this policy to scale appropriately.

3. I agree that the Chapters committee should be responsible for monitoring
chapter accounts, budgets, and expenses as necessary.

4. I agree that the Chapters committee will need to establish new guidelines
similar to those of the Conferences committee for local and regional events
held by the chapters.


On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Sarah Baso <sarah.baso at owasp.org> wrote:

Global Conferences and Chapters Committee Members (and other interested
community members) -


Kate Hartmann and the Board of Directors have drafted a proposed policy for
profit sharing and financial oversight of future OWASP events. A copy of
this drafted policy is attached (for those of you without google docs) and
also available here:


The Board intends to finalize this policy at their next meeting (scheduled
for August 13, 2012), and have requested that you submit any comments,
questions, or concerns for their consideration by that time.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and review this document!



Sarah Baso


OWASP Foundation

sarah.baso at owasp.org
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