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Thanks so you and the board for arbitrating this sometimes contentious
matter.  I will immediately begin to work with the Conferences Committee on
this new policy and look forward to working with Josh and the Chapters
Committee to get a new policy in place following the guidance the board has

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:24 PM, Michael Coates <michael.coates at owasp.org>wrote:

> We wanted to thank everyone for the open, honest, and respectful
> discussion of the Lascon exception issue.  The board has considered the
> information provided by all parties as well as the principles and mission
> of OWASP.  After discussion and deliberation we've reached the following
> decision:
> The OWASP Board has voted to approve the following:
> =
> Approve LASCON Exception per current chapter & committee rules with the
> recommendation that LASCON considers the objectives provided by the Board
> for the new policy. Further, this is the second and final exception for
> The updated chapter/conference policy must be approved within 45 days or
> LASCON exception is revoked.
> =
> Recommendations for the New Policy
> The OWASP board would like the conferences and chapters committees to work
> together to jointly draft and approve an update to the policies governing
> chapters and conference events. We appreciate all the hard work that the
> committees have put forth to grow our chapters and conferences to its
> current state.  We've accomplished some great things and this is another
> situation where we have to review and adjust as a result of our continued
> growth and success as an organization (a good problem to have).
> As global committee members you are in the best place to determine the
> specifics of this policy; however, we would like to set an overall
> direction that will be worked towards and we’ve outlined the following
> objectives that should be considered for the updated chapter and conference
> policies.
> We encourage the committees to review these guiding objectives and work to
> build a structure that will encourage the growth of OWASP and our mission.
>        • Guiding Objectives
>                • We would like to see chapter empowerment through a profit
> sharing model that is in line with our core value of Innovation
>                • We have concerns over the use of profit caps on gains
> from specific events
>                • We would like some sort of annual review, requirements,
> or rules to address the issue of stale chapter funds in excessive amounts
>                • We would like some periodic recap on funds spent by
> chapters to help ensure funds are appointed on items aligned with the
> “OWASP Mission”.
>                • We recognize there could be concerns over conflicting
> large chapter events and our core global conferences. Controls should be
> added to prevent this conflict (perhaps CFP blackout periods in regions
> within X months of a global event)
>                • We would like a dedicated committee with continual and
> significant control over the core OWASP global events (i.e. conference
> committee)
>                • Foundation has resources that can be are being provided
> to local chapter events but we need these costs to be accounted for in the
> chapter's event planning
>                • Controls are needed to prevent chapters from
> over-committing on financial costs
>                • Final policy and structure created by the committees
> should ensure, as much as is possible, that there is no incentive for
> chapters to form legal entities in their own countries.  Any such activity
> has significant implications for the foundation and must be discussed and
> coordinated  with the Foundation Board.
>        • Infrastructure
>                • Chapters must use established technology methods (such as
> regonline) any time money is handled
>                • CFPs need to use established OWASP procedures
>                • A single “source of truth” is needed for all events so
> that OWASP employees can best assist all events.  These include events
> under either  committee’s purview.
>        • Branding
>                • Naming standard enforced for all events (e.g. OWASP X)
>                • Logo standards that includes OWASP on all logos, event
> sites, collateral, etc
> Thanks for the significant efforts that have been made thus far and we
> look forward to the updated policy/policies that can take OWASP and our
> growing member and chapter base to the next level.
> Lastly, Kate will update the official vote record to reflect our vote and
> capture the above guiding objectives on the wiki.
> -The OWASP Board
> Michael Coates
> michael.coates at owasp.org

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