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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Fri Dec 14 15:43:59 UTC 2012

Have not seen any suggested strategic goals that are new from lasts years effort thus far or task focus for board members. So pick the ones you want to work on/champion etc and lets get aligned. As we all are aware of we pick the roles on the board based on areas of interest and best for the organizations public image but there is a lot of work that is invested behind the curtains..

Each month we have a public forum for the elected by membership board to review business kpi/metrics, coach, suggest and vote on motions presented by initiatives inline with strategic goals for the sole benefit of the professional association. Have heard to many times about people who mistakenly seen this as a exclusive behind closed doors meeting of a ivory tower.  We know this is not the case and even struggle at times having a quorum to have the board per the bylaws.

As the of the forthcoming strategic goals for 2013 that staff as example use as a guiding principal, I want to better leverage existing simple tools that already exist enablers and request your support.

#1 - Conferencing aka: OWASP Foundation Meet-Me-Now service that we pay fir monthly. This service us much more then a telephone bridge and maybe a document sharing platform.  It has both VIDEO and collaborative tools that are not leveraged.  Although no substitution fir face to face meetings (we agreed two off site meetings per year one in Q1 tbd and one at Q4 appsecusa). For some its a job for others its part of the business day so turn on the video camera and become interactive and block calendars in advance its only 1x per month. 


2 - Press record.  Record the meeting audio/video etc so for both the record and the transparency this is archived and post the link and even feature important upcoming meeting topics. This simplifies capturing the meeting as well as review at a later time for historical reasons. I laughed recently when my local town meeting started doing this for public transparency and here owasp a technical group does not do the same...

3 - encourage volunteers, committees, staff members etc to do the same as we lead by example with a archive. We pay for this technology service - use it transparency is key and quite frankly owasp business is not confidential and "radically transparent". 

4 - using google hangouts we could add a channel(s) 24/7 for owasp front page - think about having at any given time 50 or so folks in hangouts on Inatatives rooms or general chat.  Any one could jump in or hangout on current events with google account and today we still issue them to anyone who wants a @owasp account 

Yes, China has its issues and that is unfortunate -- there are also many ways around these Chinese walls... Common practice for those in the space. Add a IRC room as well in addition and we have added more interaction to the owasp platform, raising awareness inline with the strategic mission along the way.

Train who ever needs wants a technology update to keep in step with this face paced world live in.. and then we can tackle the social media outreach opportunities

Think project team collaboration.
Think virtual chapter meetings from the mothership
Think virtual project summit

I hope you join me in 2013 in raising awareness together this is a area I am going to invest more of my time in personally for OWASP in 2013 in addition to appsecusa just to name a few..

Tom Brennan

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