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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Aug 14 18:45:09 UTC 2012


OWASP Foundation continues to grow and by doing so our conferences are both
a revenue source, focused evangelism and out-reach in each region of the

To keep the quality high and the focus on OWASP and its related projects, I
wanted to propose a global speaker selection committee assembled and used
for Global AppSec events.  This committee or task-force would be called on
for each of the Global AppSec events in 2013 and promoted as an opportunity
for industry volunteers to get involved at a global level very much like
the global committees.  One perk would be free access to the conferences
and exposure that John Doe CISO of ABC Bank/Insurance/Shipping Company
etc..etc..  is on the selection committee etc..  We start with the
corporate supporters ask them to get involved helping to steer the
direction of OWASP Conference content as a value of corporate supporter.

This style has worked well for UBM Media / BlackHat
http://www.blackhat.com/review-board.html wanted to socialize it for you
next global conferences and committee chair meeting.

A blind CFP point system is need similar to EZChair and there are several
others worthy of looking at:



In a simular thought process,  Kate has started to pull together training
feedback forms from 2010 - current as a metric this quality metric will
help us accelerate the selection of training firms too.
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