[Owasp-board] Sweet! We get file level backups & monitoring with our new managed hosts

Matt Tesauro matt.tesauro at owasp.org
Tue Aug 7 03:20:11 UTC 2012

I just setup the new server for OWASP's wiki and we get scheduled file
level backups.

Attached is a screenshot of the initial backup configuration.  We're
backing up /etc, /home, /root and /var/www.

It will email me if it fails.  Later, I'll setup a Mailman list to send
these notifications to going forward.

We also get cloud monitoring (ping and http are currently setup).  We can
send alerts to either Rackspace support or an OWASP email address if they
detect something down.

-- Matt Tesauro
OWASP Board Member
OWASP WTE Project Lead
http://AppSecLive.org - Community and Download site
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